Deep Stone Crypt Raid Completion

Beyond Light is here and with it the first new raid Deep Stone Crypt!

Not much is known about the Deep Stone Crypt Raid at the moment, outside of it taking place on the Planet Europa.

There will be plenty of new rewards to earn for your Guardians! New armour sets, weapons, mods and an emblem to obtain.



  • 1230+ Power Level
  • Must have the Beyond Light DLC

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Rewards

All Drops are completely RNG based and are not guaranteed.

  • The Boss drops will reward Legendary raid rewards at Pinnacle Level.
  • Unique Armor and Weapon drops.
  • Raid completion emblem: Crypt Reawakened

Character Armour Rewards:

Warlock Deep Stone Crypt Gear

Titan Gear Deep Stone Crypt


Posterity (Hand Cannon) Succession (Sniper Rifle) Trustee (Scout Rifle)


Heritage (Shotgun) Commemoration (Machine Gun) Besquest (Sword)




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