The Polaris Lance is an Exotic Scout Rifle acquired from the Nascent Dawn quest offered by Ana Bray.

Weapon Questline

– Nascent Dawn 1/5

Complete three Patrol missions.
Complete one Lost Sector.
Find the first Sleeper Node in Dynamo Approach.

– Nascent Dawn 2/5

25 Javelin kills.
Complete ‘Psionic Potential’ Adventure on Heroic.
Collect cache in Ma’adim Subterrane.


Braytech RWP MK II Scout Rifle.

– Nascent Dawn 3/5

Complete 10 levels of Escalation Protocol.
Complete three Vanguard Strikes.
Collect cache in Olympus Descent.


Masterwork Braytech RWP MK II Scout Rifle.

– Nascent Dawn 4/5

Get five precision multi-kills without reloading, and 20 additional kills.
Complete the ‘Fury’ mission on Io.
Collect cache in Mindlab: Rasputin.


Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle.

– Nascent Dawn 5/5

15 Javelin multikills.
Complete three Crucible matches.
Complete the ‘Strange Terrain’ mission.
Collect cache in Alton Dynamo.


Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle Catalyst.




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