Sleeper Simulant Catalyst

How the Catalyst is obtained:

It is a random drop from the Prestige Spire of Stars Raid

You must have the Sleeper Simulant Catalyst. We do not provide the service of obtaining the catalyst – only the completion of it

Catalyst Quest

  • Get kills with Escalation Protocol Weapons (Note you must get:)
      • 1000 kills with IKELOS-SR-v1.0.1
      • 1000 kills with IKELOS-SG-v1.0.1
      • 2000 kills with IKELOS-SMG-v1.0.1
  • Retrieval of the Oracles Chest in the Whisper Mission
  • 500 kills with Sleeper Simulant

Our team will sign onto your account and complete the Catalyst for you, making the Exotic Weapon master worked.

Click here for the Extoic Sleeper Simulant Quest completion!


Recovery (We sign onto your profile)


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