Trials of Osiris Flawless Seal

Trials of Osiris: Veteran Disciple

Trophies from conquest in Trials of Osiris.

This Triumph requires you to collect all the Trials of Osiris items for the Badge.


Confidence Is High

Complete a Flawless Passage of Confidence during the current Season.

Using this passage and going Flawless will grant you more rewards on opening the chest at the Lighthouse.


Safe Harbor

After visiting the Lighthouse at least once, assist another player in reaching the Lighthouse for their first time ever.

This service might take several days to complete as we need an extra account that has never reached the Lighthouse before.


Guardian of the Lighthouse

Win 10 matches on a ticket after reaching 7 wins during the current Season.

Must have been Flawless the same weekend unless you choose the extra option for us to take you flawless first.


This Is the Way

Complete a Flawless Passage on 4 different maps during the current Season.

This service can take up to 4 weeks to complete.


We understand that time is valuable and you are not always able to play Destiny, that’s why we offer the recovery service.

This is where a trusted booster will sign onto your account and complete the boost.

This is the most cost effective and efficient boost method.


This is a great option if you would like to remain on your account, as you will join a team of trusted boosters and complete the boost together.

It’s a great learning experience as you can gain tips and tricks to help from Destiny 2’s top players along the way!

Complete your Flawless run here!



Recovery (We sign onto your profile), Carry (Play with our Sherpas)


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