The Truth is an Exotic Rocket Launcher acquired from the Truth quest line starting in the Menagerie.

Weapon Questline

Complete The Menagerie

By defeating the boss Anurak in The Menagerie you will receive a quest item that starts the quest line for Truth.

Find and Complete the Map Fragments

Find the 4 Mag Fragments and complete the tasks given. This includes:
– Completing an Ascendant Challenge
– Complete 3 Nightfall’s with a 100 Power Level handicap and get 60 Rocket Launcher Kills
– Complete 3 patrols
– Defeat 100 Hive Enemies on Tangled Shore
– Get 50 Rocket Launcher Kills on Nessus while Ascendant

Candy From a Baby

Complete the Warden of Nothing strike while Ascendant and to find the final hidden chest.




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